2002 Jetta TDI - Won't Start

Greetings to all:

I'm a newbie to your forum; this is my first post.  I'm also a "Cincinnati Son" of many years ago.  I lived in Springdale and went to Princeton H.S. (do they still have a strong football program?)  I have lived in the South for most of my adult life due to my career.

First of all this first post will be rather lengthy so I can explain to you in detail what my problem is; all future replies will be much more concise.

My problem is this; I have a 2002 Jetta TDI automatic that has 225,000 highway miles on it and has been impeccably serviced; synthetic oil every 8K miles, regular timing belt rplcmnt, filters, etc. etc.  It still has plenty of power, doesn't smoke, pretty much the perfect "second" vehicle.

Five months ago it simply would not start.  Just to be clear, previous to this there was no degradation in performance or for that matter any other problem; one day it just wouldn't start.  All of the dash lights come on, and all of the other electrical systems operate fine.  I will add that when I first tried to start it that morning, I noticed that the glow plug indicator light on my dash came on, then immediately went out.  It cranks fine, it just won't start.  Now, the glow plug indicator won't even come on at all; and of course, it still won't start.

Okay, here's what I have done to date.  By the way there are several things that I will list here and many of you will say "why did he replace that"?  It's just that there were several items that needed replaced so I took this opportunity to do it.  Okay, the car has a new (correct and expensive) battery, new fuel filter and new glow plugs (Beru).  Performing all of the above did not help.

I also replaced the relay 109 (I actually bought two in case one happened to be bad), checked the anti-studder valve, it is pretty clean and works perfectly.  Checked the glow plug harness for cracks and/or corrosion on the contacts; the harness was not brittle and appeared to be in good shape.  Still won't start.  

Next I checked the three green 30 amp glow plug fuses as well as the four metal strip fuses on top of the battery.  Still no results.  One thing I have not checked yet is the glow plug relay and (some blogs say that there is another large red 50 amp fuse on the auxiliary relay panel). 

I am also a member of the TDIClub Forum and they suggested that I temporarily forget about the glow plug problem and concentrate on the fuel delivery system.  I know that I said that I changed the fuel filter, but I've done that many times before.  You may be thinking that I didn't purge all of the air from the fuel and injection lines, but remember that the car stopped working prior to me changing the last fuel filter.

Anyway, I thought it wouldn't hurt to purge the lines again.  I cracked all four injectors and cranked the engine; no air no fuel.  I then was wondering if the fuel shut off valve was working properly.  I had my wife turn on the ignition while I listened for the clicking sound (no sound).  I then took my multimeter and checked for voltage at the valve after I turned the ignition on . . . still no voltage.  I traced the black and white wire down to the first connector and checked the wiring on the valve side of the connector, still no voltage.

Okay guys and gals, where do I go from here?  If my on-board computer was bad I wouldn't have all of my other systems working perfectly would I?  I need help, any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Gary B