Changing my 5th gear to a higher ratio for increased fuel

I recently changed the nozzles on my 02 and lost 4mpg.  Instead of changing the nozzle back because, I don't have them, I was wondering if I could just change my 5th gear?  I was wondering if anyone has any info on this either way????  thanks buck


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Buck I have seen people talk

Buck I have seen people talk about the 5th gear mod on, also seen people adding 6th gear.  As usual there are lots of different perspectives, but the general concensus seems to be this is not a cheap mod and you probably will not recoup your initial costs.

I have bigger nozzles on my 02 (manual) and still average the same mpg when I don't stand on the accelerator petal.

reference to that stand on

reference to that stand on the acc. some how that is easier said than done.  I know you are right so I will watch it for a while and see what happens..  thanksssss