Glass Headlight Lens Replacement

Finally got around to a project I have been planning for quite awhile.  A few months ago I picked up replacement glass headlight lenses from Volx Tuning, they have limited parts so just keep your eyes on their facebook site.


My headlights have turned into a yellowish faded smear, tried various ways of cleaning but none was ever successful.

Pulled off my bumper (far easier then I expected, took 15 mins) using this howto and worked on pulling off headlight glass.  I didn't feel like pulling the headlights out of the car so I decided to try my luck at just removing the glass without taking it out of the vehicle.









I followed the guide on how to separate the lenses from the headlight assembly from this great youtube link by RodriguezInnovations, only difference is I did this while my headlights were still mounted.












Once I had the headlight plastic off it was painful how nasty my lenses had become.


Followed the rest of the steps by the RodriguezInnovations youtube video to put the silicone in the groove and reassemble the lenses.  I have a great side by side comparison of the new vs the old.












Put the bumper back on and it looks nearly like a new front end, well if you ignore the dings from the 200+ miles of mostly highway travel.