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Information about upcoming and past Get-To-Gethers.

TDIFest 2014 in St. Louis, Missouri cancelled

As many of you know, the CinciTDI group assists the TDIClub each year in putting together the TDIFest. This year was to be in St. Louis, Missouri but the planners have encountered issues detailed on the information on the TDIClub Forum and cross-posted below.

3rd Annual Growler GTG June 14 2014

For those of you near Columbus, Ohio or enjoying the drive, the 3rd Annual Growler GTG will be June 14th for those wanting to work on or see some TDI friends. Aaron hosts a hands-on oriented GTG, so if you are in need of advice or a second opinion, this is a worthwhile day.

Date:   Saturday June 14, 2014
Time:   12:00 am - 12:00 am (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time - Dublin / Edinburgh / Lisbon / London
Location:   11880 Lancaster St., Millersport, OH 43046

Besides being a successful 2013 TDIFest GTG, there was a great drive

For those who missed the 2013 TDIFest in Sunday, Maine, it was a hit. Besides the usual good time and camaraderie, the drive up Mt Washington "looked" to be most interesting. (video from the top of TooRoundTDI's car)

Where were previous TDIFests hosted?

TDIFest bhtooefr google map

Check out the map (thanks bhtooefr) and don't miss TDIFest2013 in Maine.

TDIFest 2013 - For those interested in a Labor Day trip

TDIFest 2013 is just over a month away and promises to be filled with fun and excitement! This year's TDIFest is located in Newry, Maine and will be centered around the Sunday River Resort’s Grand Summit Hotel on Labor Day weekend (August 30th - September 1st). Find out more at, register at, and reserve your hotel room by calling 800-207-2365 (group code 85b22m) by August 9th to take advantage of our great group rates. Please note that late TDIFest 2013 registration rates go into effective August 1st so register early and save!

Kick off the weekend with our fabulous New England cookout (meet-n-greet) on Friday evening. Saturday will feature breakfast with a guest speaker, show & shine, and several technical sessions. Saturday evening will feature a group drive and dinner on your own at one of the great restaurants in downtown Bethel. Sunday offers the raffle drawing and additional technical sessions. Sunday evening gives you time to explore the mountain, ride the ski lift, and end up at the Peak Lodge for our awards banquet and live auction.

Both Saturday and Sunday will have vendor displays in the parking lot. This is a great opportunity to get to know the vendors and purchase items that you might need for your TDI. Many vendors have already graciously donated some products that will be auctioned off at the banquet, with the proceeds helping to fund TDIClub for another year. If you are a vendor and wish to donate some products, please contact us at [email protected] and we will be able to give you further information.

Columbus area TDIClub GTG on Saturday, June 29, 2013

It's not really local to Cincinnati, but is at the home of a regular TDIClub member from just east of Columbus. Aaron (Growler)  regularly connects with a few of us in SW Ohio and is always wrenching on someone's TDI. If you are looking for a place to connect with other TDI owners, this would be a great opportunity.

TDIClub GTG at Aaron's (Growler) in Millersport, OH Saturday 6/29 from 9am until?? Food, Fun, Diesels, Diesel Nuts, and general good times.

All are invited, Please bring sides to share, Chairs to sit on and  stories to tell. Aaron from Boraparts will be there offering Malone Tunes, and deals on Parts (preorder and have it shipped to my place for GTG pickup). Paramedick Bruce is coming up from Kentucky. Frank Irving (Franko6 from TDIClub) is there to talk your ears off about Cylinder heads, Camshafts, and Injectors all day. I do have a low rise lift good for fluid changes (take all your old fluids home please) and Tire rotations etc.

CinciTDI winter Social GTG at Roosters


A handful of CinciTDI friends gathered on Saturday at Roosters in Fairfield Ohio with our Volkswagen TDIs and stayed warm inside most of the time for just a social get together (GTG). That's not to say a few cars didn't need a bit of "wrenching," but the temperature and wind chill would not have have made that a pleasant task – besides we only intended to talk and eat. 

October 2012 CinciTDI GTG

Adding a nice summary by Doogie from the Yahoo List (below), but for some great How-To detail regarding the Lower Contol Arm work, check this LINK.

Thanks Tim.  Wow, those LCA’s on your car were for sure worn out, but the sway bar bushings you could see daylight through them! J  I bet after your alignment it felt like a new car!  Your aluminum skid plate makes me feel like I should bite the bullet and get one asap!  Btw, I like getting dirty!  Makes me feel like I’m doing something!

Thanks to Eric for the quick ride down to the hardware store to get a replacement bolt.  For those of you who didn’t make it, Tim’s mega-muscle strong-arm approach to removing the bolt that holds the torsion-bar dog-arm-to-LCA was too much for the 10 year old bolt, and it snapped off after about ½ inch removal.(He’s such a BRUT!) Thankfully we didn’t have to deal with removing the remaining bolt, as it was stuck in the old LCA, which he had purchased a new one.  So, all we needed was a replacement bolt.

Eric took us down to the local hardware store, where a misplaced broken curb jumped out in front of us, and POP!  Busted a tire on his spanking clean 2012 Passat L  Tim and I were amazed at how much room that thing has, and were quit envious of it.  Feeling bad about the tire pop, we jumped right on it like an Indy 500 pit crew, and had it swapped out before Eric could say “WOW! Now I’m Glad I got the Road Hazard warranty!”  His beautiful little (big?) Passat only has 3000 miles on it!  Quite a little thing it is!