Looking for 2001 VW A4 Jetta trunk part

I'm looking for the "linkage" trunk mechanism for my daughter's 2001 VW A4 Jetta TDI. The electrical plunger has broken the plastic part connecting the linkage between the keyed trunk lock and the latch. The part looks to be bearinged to a stamped metal plate which attaches to the trunk lid by 3 nuts. If you know of a wreck A4 Jetta or source for the part, please let me know. Thanks.

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Jetta Trunk lock repair follow-up

As usual ... asking the 'brilliant' folks here at CinciTDI or the TDIClub turns up sources for parts and even aftermarket fixes. I've included the links and videos on my personal blog. Thanks guys.

I'll include the videos from Alamo Defense at jettatrunk.com. (part costs $39.99)

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