Excellent VW How-To Towing information

Using passenger vehicles to tow is commonplace in Europe, and thus most Volkswagen vehicles are especially adept at pulling an extra load.  Bosal, a well known European high manufacturer, makes the OEM hitches for VW.  These hitches, along with those made by Westphalia, are considered the best in the world.  Their no-drill, bolt-on-frame design gives most VW passenger vehicles towing capacity over 3,000 lbs. The Bosal Hitch for MkVI Jetta and Golf is available from our partner, IDParts.com.

The second challenge is wiring.  Most VW models to date use a European style wiring for the rear tail lights where the blinker, brake and running light are on separate circuits.  US trailers, however, use an arrangement that puts all those things into one bulb.  Hooking your Volkswagen to a US trailer requires an adapter to switch from the EU style circuit to the US style circuit.

The Beautiful Towing Harness

US Friendly, VW Plug-and-Play

Luckily for us many VW models include open plugs on the backside of the tail light specifically for trailer wiring.  This article will show you the parts you need to make an easy-to-find wiring adapter work with the OEM trailer wiring connections on your A4 platform VW, otherwise known as the MkIV Golf and Jetta…

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