How do you keep your VW TDI warm in the winter?

Although old man winter hasn't arrived yet this year, here's something from for those of you who prefer more than a piece of cardboard behind the grill of your VW TDI.

Jetta Winter Front

TDI owners in northern climes know that our very efficient engines don’t warm up or provide much heat when it’s cold.  VW made winter fronts for A4 cars for several years, but they’re no longer available and we still get many requests for them.
So we made them - starting with the A4 Golf and Jetta.  They’ll be available later in December at $59.95, but you can pre-order now.  Will will have a full lineup of these fronts, including covers for and the new Jetta, Golf, Sportwagen, Passat (2012+) and even the older MkIII Jetta & B4 Passat.  Winter fronts help your motor warm up by limiting the flow of ice-cold air.  A warmer engine means a more comfortable interior, better MPGs and less wear on your engine - all good things!  Pre-Order your winter-front now!