TDIclub Raffle for Oilhammer

Late getting this online, but a reminder the cutoff will be 2-28-13 at midnight EST

If you have been around TDIClub for any length of time you have heard the name Oilhammer.

Oilhammer operates in the original spirit of TDIClub and has selflessly given a lot to TDIClub as a technical expert, most recently as the developer for the fix of the B5.5 balance shaft/oil pump.

If you have ever benefited from any advice from CinciTDI, any of its gurus or nearly any howto on TDIClub you have been touched by Oilhammer.

Oilhammer's real name is Brian Johnston, I had the pleasure of spending some time with him at a few different TDIFest's. To say he is a stand up guy is only saying the minimum.

Despite all the good he has done, Brian has been going through a lot of hard times.

Several TDIClub members and vendors have setup a raffle fundraiser to help Brian out and you can cheaply win great service or parts from different vendors.

Impressive list of parts and services, especially if you need the service or part, why not take a chance?