Rocketchip Tuning session in Marysville Ohio on April 17th

I have  an 02 Jetta TDi manual, I am newer in the TDi's only owning Ford Powerstokes previously.  I would like to know what all is involved in the typical tune.  I would like a mild to moderate power increase however with out blowing things up or sucking all the mileage out.  I have been hearing about injectors and/or a tune.  What would be your suggestion?  If the only concern is the clutch I will just upgrade it eventually anyways.   And the approximate price for the different levels? 

I am definitly interested in attending the gtg at least just to get feedback and learn more about the TDi.  I will most likely get something done also. 


Thank you, Brigham

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I have a tune on my 02 Golf TDI (also known as chipped) along with bigger injectors.  I have only had problems with my clutch, and had the upgrades for almost 100k.  I still average 47mpg unless I really drive wild, even with that my worst tank is 44mpg.

The GTG is a good time, you will definately learn something.  Not sure of the price on either, but email or call Jon and he can give you a good estimate.

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Greetings Fellow TDI Enthusiasts:

Jon's Auto LLC is proud to present the return of Jeff from "Rocketchip" ( to our shop. The event will be held on Saturday April 17, 2010 @ 8 AM. We will be doing chip tuning, injector installs, FREE VAG-COM computer diagnostics, and other minor work if necessary.

This will be first come first serve event or you may drop off your car Friday evening or Saturday morning and avoid the wait. Please e-mail us with confirmation so we can provide Jeff with an estimated tune count.

Tuning session location is:

Jon's Auto LLC
22291 Route 4
Marysville, Ohio 43040