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Besides being a successful 2013 TDIFest GTG, there was a great drive

For those who missed the 2013 TDIFest in Sunday, Maine, it was a hit. Besides the usual good time and camaraderie, the drive up Mt Washington "looked" to be most interesting. (video from the top of TooRoundTDI's car)

The TDIClub and the generosity of people

It is during the challenging times when people know they are associated with the right groups and organizations. A couple groups I belong to demonstrated their true colors over the past few weeks. The TDIClub, a Volkswagen diesel car club of which our local CinciTDI is part, rallied around a long standing and giving member. Brian Johnson, known as "Oilhammer" on the forums, has been dealing with an onslaught of family medical and financial problems this past year. He has been a long giving and active member of the TDIClub and his expertise has been appreciated by all. A few friends (and vendors) in the club decided they might be able to lend a hand. I don't think anyone expected the caring to be so overwhelming, but the generosity and compassion of "good" people was amazing. Our local CinciTDI group was chosen to hold the raffle this weekend and shockingly saw a simple raffle of parts raise $13,125. Wow, it feels good to have helped out and be a part of this great group of caring people.

Rocketchip Performance TDI Tuning Event on Saturday August 20, 2011 @ 8 AM

Attention All TDI Power Enthusiasts:

Jon's Auto LLC is proud to present the return of Jeff from "Rocketchip" ( to their shop in Central Ohio.  Jon Hamilton, BBB-accredited shop owner, 10 year veteran TDI & ASE-certified mechanic, still holds the record for the fastest diesel up Pikes Peak with his 2000 Golf TDI because of Jeff Robertson's custom tune.  With over 25 year of experience in performance tuning, Jeff is a nationally recognized tuner and is well-respected in the TDI community.  Rocketchip has a number of different levels of chip-tuning to suit individual preference and goals. Jon's Auto has hosted this event since 2005 and have received 100% positive feedback with likely gains in fuel economy and definite gains in performance.  This semi-annual event will be held on Saturday August 20 @ 8 AM.  They will be doing chip tuning, injector installs, FREE VAG-COM computer scans, and other minor work if necessary.  Due to space and time constraints, they are reserving this event for individual who wish to be tuned only.  This is a first come, first serve event or you may drop off your TDI Friday evening or Saturday morning to avoid the wait.  Please contact Jon's Auto via e-mail or phone to confirm your attendance, so they may provide Jeff with an approximate tune count.  Jon's Auto appreciates your time.