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A Volkswagen TDI concept based on the 2015 Golf Sportwagen

Golf SportWagen

According to the folks at Autoguide, Volkswagen will be following the  VW Jetta Sportwagen with Golf SportWagen in 2015 and is teasing us with a diesel variant. The new TDI concept proposes an all-wheel drive 2.0-liter powerplant called the EA288 diesel. This new diesel would offer 10 more horsepower over the current diesel and could come in both a six-speed manual or 6-speed DSG automatic. The  1.8-liter gasoline model is slated to hit dealer showrooms in early 2015 and will be available with LED daytime running lights, Xenon headlights, a panoramic sunroof and 12-way power driver’s seat. The larger than a Golf, but smaller Jetta SportWagen could be the ideal car for many Americans who love utility of smaller all-wheel drive SUVs, but want their next car to have improved fuel economy. Volkswagen has not published any MPG numbers for the new concept, but one would think they should be close to VW's other TDIs.


New diesel engines from Volkswagen

It makes me nervous when major changes are made to Volkswagen’s TDI engines, but according to a NYTimes Wheels blog article there are new efficient diesel power plants planned for Golf, Beetle, Passat and Jetta models next year. A few years the Pumpe Düse unit injector PD engine displace VW’s ALH motor which was one of the more reliable engines and then not too long after another common rail and emission change was made. What were suppose to be improvements each time had many customers complaining and facing some very expensive repairs (not to mention the hassles of having their relatively new cars serviced). I’m not sure where the status of those issues are today, but I always worry about design flaws and the normal black-eye producing bugs that show up when drastic changes are made to engines.


Volkswagen announced Tuesday that its EA288 TDI Clean Diesel engine would be available in the 2015 Golf, Beetle, Passat and Jetta models, which were scheduled to go on sale in the United States during the second half of 2014.

The TDIClub and the generosity of people

It is during the challenging times when people know they are associated with the right groups and organizations. A couple groups I belong to demonstrated their true colors over the past few weeks. The TDIClub, a Volkswagen diesel car club of which our local CinciTDI is part, rallied around a long standing and giving member. Brian Johnson, known as "Oilhammer" on the forums, has been dealing with an onslaught of family medical and financial problems this past year. He has been a long giving and active member of the TDIClub and his expertise has been appreciated by all. A few friends (and vendors) in the club decided they might be able to lend a hand. I don't think anyone expected the caring to be so overwhelming, but the generosity and compassion of "good" people was amazing. Our local CinciTDI group was chosen to hold the raffle this weekend and shockingly saw a simple raffle of parts raise $13,125. Wow, it feels good to have helped out and be a part of this great group of caring people.

Volkswagen teases US VW buyers with a performance oriented GTD Golf

According to Car and Driver, American VW buyers have a shot at getting the 2014 turbocharged 2.0 liter diesel powered Volkswagen Golf GTD. The new performance model will resemble the gas GTI, but offer a 184 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque diesel. Revs for this performance are incredibly low at not much above an idle -- 1750 RPMs. Transmission choices should be what is offered in Europe -- the six-speed manual and a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission -- but who knows .

GTD Interior

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2009 TDI named one of the most fuel efficient of 2009

Discovery Planet Green named the VW Jetta TDI one of the most fuel efficient cars of 2009.

"This guy gets 31 city and 41 highway. It only eats 11.6 barrels of our petrol and emits 6.1 tons of CO2"

Finally VW gets it right, 141 mpg car coming in 2011

Despite choosing another distinctively horrible name VW has the idea spot on by ramping up the city car to get ready for production in 2011.  The city car came from the UP! line of concept cars which was considered tiny when it debuted in 2007, but with theincreased trend towards small cars such as the Smart Fortwo or Toyotas upcoming iQ it's in the works.

VW will introduce the "Chico" as a class-leading 141mpg and emit less than 60g/km of CO2.  The diesel variety is a three-cylinder, common-rail design to be introduced in next year's VW Polo but surrounded by other energy conserving extras such as excellent aerodynamics, stop-start tech, and very low rolling resistance tires.


Volkswagon has decided to tease us yet again with what they are calling the VW GTD which is the diesel variant on the GTI, they even say its coming for 2009.  It will go into production in April 2009, with 170 horses and nearly 260 lb.-ft. moving through either a six-speed manual or VW's DSG gearbox.

If VW actually delivers on this I will be intrigued, I will have to see the final specs to see if its worth buying and driving.  Rumor says its 1 second slower the the gas model but gets better mpg of course.

The idea of a GTI Diesel is nothing new, but this might actually have some merit.  I won't hold my breath until I drive one.


VW introduces turbodiesel hybrid plugin

It's been rumored for quite some time that automotive companies have kicked around a diesel hybrid.  Its now much more then rumor according to leftlane news.  The VW Golf Twin Drive is going to be limited in Germany right now where they will produce 20 for the German government.

vwtwindriveThe electric motor is rated at 82 horsepower, and when its energy is spent, a 122hp 2.0-liter turbodiesel engine kicks in to extend the range.