I am a new member and just bought an 09 tdi sportwagen. I am looking for a suggested list of tools that will allow me to do routine maint. without having to stop in the middle of the job and run out for a torx size I don't own or whatever.

Could someone suggest a list of tools for fluid and filter changes? I plan to buy the VAG-COM and have an oil extractor.

Thanks, Doug

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re: Torx bits - I've found that you can often purchase a set of Torx bits for @ the same cost as buying 3 or 4 individual bits.  With that in mind I would recommend going ahead and getting a full set - you may need some for a future vehicle or in an area we've not reached into yet.

Same thing for short and long metric hex (Allen wrench style) bits.  You may wish to get the ball nosed set for the short bits as some places on the MK IV series vehicles have places hard to reach without them - I assume the ML V will have some just as difficult to reach.  I bought both normal and ball nosed short sets.  Long sets are much harder to find so a 4, 5, & 6mm bit might be what you want to focus on.

For simple oil changes with an oil extractor you should only need a filter wrench in addition to the extractor.  I'm not sure about changing the fuel or air filters on an '09 - older models required a philips screwdrivers and a pair of pliers or hose clamp pliers.

Links for a few tools

A couple of links for basic VW TDIs: inexpensive Torx bit set, metric ball nosed hex sockets, Cable type or Pliers type.

I'll add that the Metalnerd tools are nice to have to ... really like to have a rear brake reset tool for our community tool box (although a buy/return program at Autozone works ok too).