VW Maintenance Schedules

Follow this link to look up your VW's  recommended service schedule.

Here's an example (this printout is for a 2003 TDI):

2003 TDI Maintenance Schedule


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T-belt replacement

According to the schedule I pulled up for my 2001 Jetta, it shows a replacement schedule of 20k miles. Is this correct or am I reading it wrong?  sweetlou132

Interesting, I plugged in

Interesting, I plugged in the info to get the complete schedule for your 2001 Jetta and it does show intervals at 40k, 60k, 80k.

I don't buy it.  Any of the kits you use to get your TB replaced should be at least a 60K belt and parts. 

The right answer is when you get your TB changed, talk to the people who performed the service or consult the parts supplier.  They will know what the new part is rated for and go by that number.


So where did this Maintenance schedule originate from? As you stated, I thought the factory specs were 60k.

Maintenance schedule

This maintenance schedule came directly from VWoA

Follow the link at the top: